The Iraq International Chemical Sciences Chapter was officially established on December 2, 2016. ACS Council voted, at the ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia on August 21-25, 2016, to approve the application of the Iraq International Chemical Sciences Chapter application. The application was ratified by the ACS Board of Directors on December 2, 2016 to operate under the provision of the ACS Bylaw IX (Constitution XIV).

We are committed to preparing our annual report on the activities established during the year 2017 since the establishment of the Iraqi Chapter Society, in order to be committed and progress in our field, we have implemented procedures and initiatives that assure our partners and everyone of our commitment to achieve the best.

This report is the first annual report of our association, which includes the activities that were established in cooperation with other institutions, universities and associations inside and outside Iraq.

The Association has done its best in accomplishing its programs and projects for the past year at the highest levels of charity and possible scientific

 for its duty, which was established for it and then to meet with the support and encouragement of all at all levels. In this report, we tried to document the most important activities.

The Association is particularly proud of the achievement achieved in the official recognition of it by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, which is a great step because of the positive energy of motivation it has great strategic and scientific dimensions and has an impact on the education process.

On the level of participation, the areas of programs implemented this year have expanded to include Iraqi universities.

We are all proud of what we have done during this year and set it as a shining light for the road towards greater achievement and excellence in the coming years, God willing.

Many thanks to all of our success



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Board of Directors

  • Known as the Republic of Iraq International Chemical Sciences Chapter having been duly authorized by the ACS Council and approved by the Board of Directors and having agreed by its officers and members to be bound by the approvedĀ  Republic of Iraq International Chemical Sciences Chapter Bylaws and the ACS Constitution and Bylaws, is now duly recognized as an official International Chemical Sciences Chapter of the American Chemical Society In witness whereof the seal of the ACS is hereby affixed and the signature of its officers being duly authorized, are subscribed hereto this second day of December 2016.

Board of Directors: 2017

  • Board of Directors: 2017
    – Dr. Taghreed Hashim Al-Noor >> Chairman
    – Dr. Dheaa SH. Zageer >> Secretary
    – Dr. Emad Yousif >> Treasurer
    – Dr. Omar Hamad Al-Obeyed >> Event Director
    – Dr. Basma Mohammed >> Community Director
    – Mrs. Shifaa Jameel Ibraheem >> Special Event Director
    – Ms. Nasser Abdul Hussain >> Publicity Director
    – Mr. Layth Jumaah Al-Jbury >> Trip Director
    – Aamir >> Special Trip Director
    – Anmar Haitham Nuri >> Special Trip Director

Goals of ACS for 2018

As a continuation of the success of the ACS / Iraq Chapter, which is documented in this report, we seek to develop our works by developing a strategic plan aimed at expanding cooperation with Iraqi universities as well as holding conferences inside and outside the country to enhance scientific and academic capabilities.